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Film Breakdowns

Garrett Temple and the art of the jumper

It has been a grind for Garrett Temple to get to this point in his career.

Jaren Jackson Jr. is here

But you already knew that.

Breaking Down the Spurs Offense

The Spurs have been an offensive clinic for years. Let’s get nerdy and try to make sense of this offense by breaking down two of their main sets.

Andrew Harrison: Rim Runner

The rookie guard likes getting to the rim, but his most effective way of getting there is of a “European” variety.

The Chandler Parsons Project: Who Benefits Most in Memphis?

Parsons has the ability to help all in Beale Street Blue. There are three players in particular, however, who should shine next to Memphis’ new versatile wing.

Troy Williams Scouting Report

A detailed breakdown of the game of the newest member of the Memphis Grizzlies

The Bear Necessities: Conley Uses Butt to Create

Most NBA players possess a go to move either on the offensive or defensive end of the floor. The Bear Necessities is a series where I will break down the signature move(s) of every player on the Grizzlies' roster. First up is Mike Conley.

Breaking Down the P.J. Hairston Situation

What exactly does P.J. Hairston potentially bring to the Memphis Grizzlies, and why is his contract situation unique among young players? Chip Williams takes a closer look.

Ryan Hollins is on a roll as a roll man

The Grizzlies have notably incorporated an offensively-limited Ryan Hollins into the offense as a roll man during his two 10-day contracts. How and why have the Grizzlies had such success with Hollins on the receiving end of pick-and-rolls

Film Breakdown: Marc Gasol's Baseline Spin Move

Marc Gasol has utilized a baseline spin move on the left block more than a handful of times this season with limited success. There are several things he could do to improve the move, and perfecting it would open up the rest of his post game.

Curious Case of Courtney Lee Passing Up Open Shots

Courtney Lee is struggling from beyond the arc this season. It's gotten so bad that he is passing on wide-open shots, which benefits nobody. Why does Lee continue to pass up clean looks, and what does this habit do to the Grizzlies offense?

Conley inches from redemption after dreadful night

It was bad. It got worse. Then for a split second you thought maybe...

Grizz Film Study: Repercussions of Spacing Issues

Memphis has struggled with spacing for some time, but teams are now defending the paint more aggressively than ever before in an attempt to force the Grizzlies to beat them from outside. Right now, the Grizzlies can't do that, and it's killing them.

Film Review: Grizzlies not guarding the 3-pt line

Prepare your eyes.

Replay: The Conley/Wright PNR looks tantalizing

How Brandan Wright Impacts the Grizz Offense

Brandan Wright's offensive skill set is not versatile, but it is incredibly valuable. Wright's one elite skill, diving/rolling to the rim in various situations, continues to get him paid, and it could prove very useful to the Grizzlies.

How Jeff Green could get more out of his pump fake

Since the Grizzlies acquired Jeff Green, one of the many things that has stood out about his game is his odd pump fake. It's Sam Young-like in its essence. It doesn't matter how it looks if it works, but does it?

Grizzlies Blueprint for Defending Aldridge in Post

LaMarcus Aldridge is one of the craftiest big men in the NBA. He's particularly lethal to the opposition in the post, where his arsenal of moves makes him almost impossible to stop. Is there any way the Grizzlies can impede Aldridge down low?

Born to Run: Jeff Green Bolsters Transition Attack

The Grizzlies don't get out in transition much, but they are great at it when they do. Let's take a look at why they are so successful when they run the floor, and how midseason acquisition Jeff Green makes them even more dangerous on the break.

Film Breakdown: Mike Conley Loop Play

Head coach Dave Joerger's playbook is rapidly expanding. Against the Orlando Magic, he took a play out of the Spurs and Hawks playbook, running a loop set for Mike Conley that worked to perfection.

Growing Greatness: Grizzlies Mid-Season Report

Yes, the Memphis Grizzlies had a historically great start. However, it's about growth and how you finish when it comes to championships, and for the Bears of Beale Street to get the job done they must improve in several areas.

Magic Mike: Examining Conley's right-handed floater

Unorthodox is the word most used to describe Mike Conley's right-handed floater. I somehow doubt he cares about that description when the floater falls through the net.

Grizz Film Breakdown: Endline Out of Bounds Play

Against the Houston Rockets, everything went the Grizzlies this way, including a tremendous out of bounds play on the baseline for Beno Udrih.

Film Breakdown: Joerger's Playcalling Gems

Head coach Dave Joerger was on his A game against the Sacramento Kings, at least in the fourth quarter. Here are his three best play calls of the game.

Film Breakdown: Can Gasol develop a 3-point shot?

Marc Gasol might already be the most well-rounded center in the NBA, but if he added a three-point shot to his repertoire, things would get ugly for his opponents.

Grizzlies Film Lab: The Michael Beasley Experiment

The Memphis Grizzlies love a reclamation project, so it's not really a surprise that they signed Michael Beasley to a non-guaranteed deal. But is this one too many reclamation projects?

Be Like Marc: How Kosta Can Help Himself & Memphis

A bigger role, bigger contract, and starting position possibilities. All of these are on the table for Kosta Koufos as he enters a contract year. As the season approaches, how can Kosta set himself apart? The answer lies within a current teammate.

Grizzly Tools for Tonight: Post Pick & Roll

The Grizzlies' offense has often been stagnant in their series against the Thunder. Joerger should consider adding a couple more tools to the toolbox to breakdown the defense. A post pick & roll fits the bill.


The Grizzlies stole a game from the Thunder in Oklahoma City! Weeeee! The game was sealed on a beautiful play late in the game after a timeout. Just how did what turned out to be the game-winning play come to be?

Return of the Offensively Bipolar Grizzlies

The Grizzlies offense was an enigma in Game 1 against the Oklahoma City Thunder. How and why were they so bad at times, yet so good at others all in one game?

2014 NBA Playoffs: Finding a Chink in OKC's Armor

A look at how the Memphis Grizzlies can take advantage of the Oklahoma City Thunder's poor rotations from behind the arch.

Back To Basics: Finding the Grizzlies' Defense

It sounds funny to say it, but as the Memphis Grizzlies fight for their playoff lives their defensive swagger has gone missing. In order to find it, Coach Joerger will have to get his troops to go back to basics and play fundamentally sound defense.