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Game Recaps

Grizzlies fall to Warriors in Game 6, historic season ends

What a team.

Grizzlies drag Warriors in to the mud but lose 101-98

Close, but no cigar.

Grizzlies fall flat against Warriors, lose Game 3 142-112

The Golden State avalanche is real.

Game Recap: Grizzlies fall to Timberwolves 119-118 in Game 4

This game was wasted drunk.

NBA Playoffs: Grizzlies stun the Timberwolves in Game 3 104-95

It wasn’t pretty...but it was history.

Recap: Grizzlies smoke Pelicans 141-114 in Ja Morant’s return

Morant shines in his first game back from injury in Memphis win.

Grizzlies get mauled by the Nuggets in Denver 122-109

Memphis will want to turn the page on that one.

Grizzlies fall to the Jazz in overtime 121-115

A tough, but meaningless, loss.

Grizzlies grind Pacers to a halt, win 133-103

No worries, indeed.

Recap: Grizzlies shine in primetime beating the Nets 132-120

Without Ja Morant, the Grizzlies still made a statement on the big stage.

Recap: Memphis Grizzlies ground Rockets 122-98

The Grizzlies bounced back.

Bane, Jackson Jr., and Memphis feel at home in Indiana in 135-102 win over Pacers.

The hometown kids put on a show.

Quick Recap: Grizzlies Handle Thunder 125-118

The Villain is back.

Memphis overcomes the Bulls to win in Chicago 116-110

"12" gave em hell for 46

Ja Morant, Grizzlies battle but fall against Timberwolves 119-114

That was scary, Ja.

Memphis Grizzlies clip the New Orleans Pelicans 121-109

A good win without Ja Morant.

Memphis Grizzlies fly past the L.A. Clippers 135-109

That was very, very fun

Quick Recap: Young Grizzlies shine, beat New York 120-108

The Grizzlies thrived on National TV

Memphis comes back home and snags another win vs Utah 119-109

How does the newly All Star Starter select respond in his first game since the announcement? A 30 point triple in a WIN!

Quick Recap: Ja Morant leaves no doubt as Grizz beat Spurs 118-110

A generational talent.

Grizzlies cold as ice, fall to Mavs 104-91

Not the best.

Recap: Grizzlies defeat the Bulls on MLK Jr. Day 119-106

Another professional win.

Grizzlies survive Timberwolves test 116-108

That was close.

Quick Recap: Grizzlies Roll Over Detroit 118-88

The Grizzlies have now won 7 straight games.

Grizzlies defeat the Cavaliers 110-106

That was a fun time.

Recap: Grizzlies shock the Nets 118-104

Ja Morant owns Gotham

Quick Recap: Grizzlies Take Down San Antonio 118-105

The Grizzlies have now won four in a row...

Recap: Morant Shines as Grizzlies Take Down Lakers

Morant played like an easy All-Star selection Wednesday night...

Recap: Ja Morant ascends, Grizzlies outlast Suns 114-113

Ja Morant is transcendent.

Grizzlies fall short against Curry, Warriors 113-104

A fun way to spend Christmas Eve Eve night.

Quick Recap: Grizzlies snuff out Lakers 108-95

The Lakers are bad.

Grizzlies cool the Heat, win 105-90

Memphis has won five straight without Ja Morant.


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