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Nxt Gen Pod: Discussing the Grizzlies’ Trade Deadline options

Will the Grizzlies go all-in? Or continue to focus on development

‘The Core 4’ Podcast: The NBA has a Ref Problem

Tons of trade talk, the NBA’s ref problem, and NBA Title Contenders Ranked by the College Football Playoff Committee.

‘The Starting 5’ Podcast: What is your definition of “fine?”

The Grizzlies are 1-10 in their last 11 road games against western conference foes.

GBB Live!: Lessons from a Losing Streak, Talking Trade Targets

A tough stretch for the Grizzlies reveals areas of needed improvement.

‘The Core 4’ Podcast: Shannon Sharpe is Corny

C4 is Back for their Weekly Edition Covering the Losing Streak, Shannon Sharpe and the Rookie Class.

‘The Starting 5’ Podcast: Who are the 10 greatest Memphis Grizzlies players of all-time?

We rank our list of the 10 greatest Memphis Grizzlies players.

GBBLive: The Grizzlies’ place in a “wide open” Western Conference

I have Dave McMenamin of ESPN on this week’s "GBBLive" to talk about the Memphis Grizzlies’ place in a "wide open" NBA.

Nxt Gen Podcast: Have the Grizzlies built a big enough lead on the middle of the pack?

Shy Brown of the Memphis Flyer joins me to talk about the rise of the Grizzlies’ Big 3, and their standing in the Western Conference.

‘The Core 4’ Podcast: Ranking Ja’s Best Dunks

C4 Ranks Ja’s Best Dunks, Owns Up to Their Worst Takes, and Debates if the Grizzlies Need the One Seed.

‘The Starting 5’ Podcast: Will the Grizzlies break the franchise winning streak record?

With their winning streak at 9, the Grizzlies can break the franchise record of 11 by the end of this week.

GBBLive: 4 takes at the halfway point of the season

The Memphis Grizzlies are at the halfway point of the regular season. That’s a good sample for takes, right?

‘The Core 4 Podcast’: Mid-Season Surprises and Disappointments

The C4 Boys are back to talk Surprises & Disappointments from the mid-way point of the NBA Season, Jaren for DPOY, and rank the top NBA Title Contenders.

GBBLive: 4 semi-bold predictions for 2023

I have Shawn Coleman with me to get semi-bold about the Memphis Grizzlies in 2023.

‘The Core 4’ Podcast: Does Memphis the best Front Office in the NBA?

New Year, New C4: Adams in the Playoffs, Brooks’ Extension, Roddy Minutes, and Ranking the NBA’s Front Offices.

‘The Starting 5’ Podcast: What is on your Grizzlies wishlist for 2023?

The Grizzlies finished 2022 and began 2023 on a high note.

GBBLive: In 2022, the Grizzlies became the hunted

The Memphis Grizzlies rose towards the top of the NBA in 2022, and now have become the hunted instead of the hunters.

GBBLive, Nxt Gen Collab Podcast: Can Grizzlies get Jaren Jackson Jr. more involved?

The Memphis Grizzlies continue to struggle on the road. Bryson Wright and I discuss how the Grizzlies could turn it around over the next few games.

The Core 4 Podcast: Is Jaren Jackson Jr. an All-Star?

This week’s Core 4 features a Grizzlies All-Star debate, NBA hot takes, history of the NBA awards and title contenders.

‘The Starting 5’ Podcast: Can the Grizzlies maintain the 1 seed?

The Grizzlies just got their 7 game-winning streak snapped as they continue a tough road stretch over the next week.

The Core 4: Tyus Jones is the Grizzlies’ best trade asset.

The C4 Boys return to talk Bane’s injury, Tyus trades, and NBA Title Contender: CFP style.

‘The Starting 5’ Podcast: Is There More Cause for Concern with Desmond Bane’s Injury?

The Grizzlies are streaking now but news of Desmond Bane being out longer lingers.

GBBLive: Which “next man up” performance has stood out the most?

The Memphis Grizzlies have been ravaged with injuries to key players, and several players have stepped up to keep things humming.

The Core 4: The Memphis Grizzlies have free throw troubles

The C4 Boys are back to talk Grizzlies free throw shooting, Zaire returning from injury, and Jaren’s hot start.

‘The Starting 5’ Podcast: Can the Grizzlies take advantage of their upcoming home stretch?

With a recent 4-2 stretch heading into a 5-game home stand, the Grizzlies can make a run to the top of the West in the next week.

‘The Core 4’ Podcast: Quarter-Season Awards

The C4 Boys return to break down the decision to move on from Slowmo and Melton, look at some ATO sets and give out quarter-season awards.

‘The Core 4’ Podcast: Charles Barkley doesn’t watch the Grizzlies

The Core 4 boys are back to talk Chuck, injuries, trade targets, and update their NBA Title Contenders College Football Playoff.

‘The Starting 5’ Podcast: Will the Grizzlies ever become fully healthy?

When one star returns, another leaves with an injury.

‘GBBLive’ Podcast: Who’s expected to step up in Desmond Bane’s absence?

I have Mat Issa on the show to talk about the many different angles of Desmond Bane’s absence

‘Core 4’ Podcast: Ranking the Top 4 NBA Title Contenders

The Core 4 Podcast gives their takes on the return of Jaren Jackson Jr., checks in on Kenny Lofton in the G League, and present their inaugural top 4 title contenders.

‘The Starting 5’ Podcast: Previewing Jaren Jackson Jr.’s return

Jaren Jackson Jr. is returning, and Ja Morant and Desmond Bane are making a loud case for the best backcourt title.

‘Nxt Gen Podcast’: Breaking down early-season storylines

On this week’s episode of the ‘Nxt Gen Podcast,’ Brandon Nwokeji and I look at early season storylines, including Desmond Bane’s ascension

‘Core 4’ Podcast: Highlighting the importance of Steven Adams

The Core 4 Podcast recap the strong start for the Memphis Grizzlies, including the importance of Steven Adams