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GBBLive Podcast: What does a more efficient Dillon Brooks look like?

In this week’s GBB Live, The Daily Memphian’s Chris Herrington and I take a look at what a more efficient Dillon Brooks means for the Memphis Grizzlies and his contract year

“The Starting 5” Podcast: How Jaren Jackson Jr. and Ziaire Williams can improve this season

Big things are ahead for two potential cornerstones of the franchise

The Core 4 Podcast: Preseason superlatives

The Core 4 lay out preseason superlatives for the 2022-23 season, while assessing the pressure on Ja Morant

GBBLive Podcast: Who will secure backup power forward role?

I have Brandon Abraham and Shawn Coleman with me to talk about the compelling positional battle at the 4

GBBLive Podcast: Ziaire Williams, more Grizzlies who could be poised for a leap

I have Mike Wallace of Grind City Media to talk about Ziaire Williams’ development and more Grizzlies that could take a leap next season

“The Core 4” Podcast: Who would Grizzlies protect in an expansion draft?

This episode also talks about the ripple effects from the Donovan Mitchell trade, and Jaren Jackson Jr.’s defense

“Nxt Gen” Podcast: Ja Morant with a signature shoe on the way?

I’m joined by Anthony Sain to talk about the possibility of a Ja Morant signature shoe and their expectations for the next season.

The Starting 5 Podcast: The Memphis Grizzlies’ rising popularity

EJ of GrindHouse Grizzlies Twitter Space joined the crew to talk Grizzlies

Podcast: The Grizzlies are trying to trade for Kevin Durant

Is a trade for Kevin Durant ‘easy money’ for the Memphis Grizzlies?

Podcasts: Reacting to the 2022-23 schedule release

The Core 4 podcast and The Nxt Gen podcast react to the Grizzlies’ schedule release and more.

The Core 4 Podcast: Looking back on the Grizzlies summer

The Core 4 makes its re-debut!

Podcast: How Shane Battier impacted the modern NBA

I had Mat Issa of Basketball News to talk about Shane Battier and his "Blazing the Trail" series

The Long View: Good vibes and New Years Resolutions

Vibes = immaculate

The Long View: Chatting with Ahmad Caver and Shaq Buchanan

The Hustle stars join me ahead of the Showcase Cup as I guest host the Long View

The Starting 5: Wire-to-wire week

The Grizzlies have been on a tear, and the Starting 5 give their props.

The Long View: Building around Ja and Shai, Preaching Patience in Rebuilds

I have Yosef AKA Thunder Film Room to talk about the processes of the Grizzlies and Thunder.

3andD Pod: Surviving without a Superstar

Can they repeat the Sacramento formula?

The Long View: The consistency and value of Dillon Brooks

Dillon Brooks is back and super valuable, folks.

Check up with this week’s Starting 5 and 3&D podcasts on the GBB podcast network

Give them a listen

The Long View: Closing games and 4-point line returns

The Grizzlies have made strides on the offensive end.

The Long View: The Grizzlies, Nuggets, and the concept of going All-In

A podcast on the Grizzlies, Nuggets, asset management, consolidation, and building around stars in an all-in effort.

The Starting 5: Early Season Fortitude

The Starting 5 talk about last week’s games, Jaren Jackson’s woes, and this week’s games.

The Long View: Early growth opportunities for Desmond Bane and De’Anthony Melton

The two young wings have made the most of their opportunities. What does it do for their growth going forward?

3andD: Early Season Storylines with Jessica Benson and Jon Roser

Grind City Media Joins the Show

The Starting 5: Where the money resides

The Starting 5 is back to recap the first week of action, talk Jaren Jackson Jr.’s extension, and preview this week’s slate of games.

The Long View: Trends to follow this season

The season is underway, and the long view is still an objective.

The Starting 5: Officially Back to the Grind

Regular season is back!

The Starting 5: Preseason Grind

Basketball is back! The Starting 5 recap last week’s preseason action.

The Long View: Ja Morant dazzles in preseason opener, early rotation hints?

Ja Morant is awesome. What can we also take from last night’s rotation?

The Long View: A leap ahead for Desmond Bane?

I have Joe Mullinax on the podcast to talk about a big year 2 for Desmond Bane, and I answer some mailbag questions.

The Starting 5: Training Camp Vibes

Let’s get it

The Long View: Dillon Brooks and the expectations ahead

Dillon Brooks Island season is almost here!


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