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Grizzlies Report Card

Report Card: Grizzlies endure Hollywood heartbreak

More scar tissue

Report Card: “Road Warrior” Grizzlies Achieve Victory in LA

The Grizzlies offense once again found enough success to get a big victory.

Report Card: The Grizzlies offense aces first test

The defense? Not so much.

Report Card: Grizzlies Drop Dress Rehearsal to Bulls

Encouraging Signs Despite Loss in Preseason Finale

Report Card: Sam Merrill shoots lights out in Grizzlies loss to Indiana

Roster decisions just got more difficult

Report Card: Ja Morant, Jaren Jackson show out in win over Detroit

Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr. showcase their bags in preseason rout.

REPORT CARD: Grizzlies sting the Hornets in their nest in Charlotte 128-98

A nice surprise

REPORT CARD: Memphis Grizzlies get Buck on Milwaukee 87-77

That was fun

Report Card: Grizzlies season ends, but positive vibes reign

Despite a season ending loss, plenty of positivity remains for the present and future for the Grizzlies.

Report Card: Grizzlies Fall Short Again, Down 3-1

It truly is bittersweet

Report Card: Grizz Comeback Comes up Short

Conley ruins Grizzlies first home playoff game in 4 years

Report Card: Jazz outshoot Grizzlies in Game 2

The Jazz tie up the series 1-1 as it moves to Memphis

Report Card: Grizzlies upset the Jazz 112-109

Take THAT note, Utah!

Report Card: Grizzlies win in overtime, advance to playoffs

A gutsy collective performance from Memphis earned them the dub in a hostile environment.

Report Card: Grizzlies survive and advance past the Spurs

The Grizzlies showed resiliency to get the big win.

Report Card: Grizzlies Fall in Battle By the Bay

Despite some obvious struggles, a few Grizzlies certainly stood out on Sunday.

Report Card: Grizz Short Squad Wins Home Finale

Back-to-back sweep of Kings complete

Report Card: Jonas Valanciunas, Dillon Brooks carry Grizzlies to comeback win

Well that was close, but a win’s a win.

Report Card: Grizzlies show urgency and lay the smackdown on the Mavericks

That was super jitty

Report Card: Grizzlies Squeak By New Orleans 115-110

If it’s not close, is it a Grizz game?

Report Card: Grizzlies show urgency in win over Raptors

Finally, am I right?

Report Card: Grizzlies fall to depleted Pistons in Motown Meltdown

Engine Failure for Memphis in Detroit

Report Card: Grizzlies secure big win in Minnesota

A’s all around as the Grizzlies produce a big win as the result of a complete team effort.

Report Card: Grizzlies get flustered by the Knicks

Frustration boils over as the Grizzlies fall to the Knicks in Memphis

Report Card: Grizz Suffer Ugly Loss to Orlando

Magic Makes 20-point Grizz Lead Disappear

Report Card: Grizzlies take care of business in second half

The Grizzlies locked in defensively to get the win. Now let’s do some grades.

Report Card: Memphis gets blown out in return to Beale

The Grizzlies struggle in a big opportunity as they return to Memphis.

Report Card: Grizzlies Can’t Handle the Altitude of Denver

The Grizzlies finish their historic road trip at 4-3...

Report Card: Grizzlies produce in Portland

The Grizzlies continue to solidify their postseason pursuits with another victory in Portland.

Report Card: Grizzlies finally finish in victory over Trail Blazers

Ja & Jaren Shine in Big Win on the Road

Report Card: Grizzlies Fall to the Short Handed Clippers 117-105

This one stung...

Report Card: Growth shines through despite a tough loss in Denver

The Grizzlies once again exceed expectations and have another encouraging episode of experience against the Nuggets.


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