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The Iowa Energy steal the winning formula from their older Grizzly brother and refuse to lose

3-0. The Iowa Energy keep winning on the road. They led this time 124-104 against the Sioux Falls Skyforce, the Miami NBA affiliate placed in the state of South Dakota.

Final Score:

Traveling through the states, playing good basketball, and collecting victories. That's what these Energy guys are doing.

3-0 and two more games ahead on the road, before playing in Des Moines on December 6 for the first time this season. And I can't imagine how excited Iowa Energy fans must be. But it's normal. This team is really good.

Whiteside, Wilkins, Christopher, Garret, and Lucas are an awesome D-League starting five. Add to that the energy that the bench unit carries day in and day out into the practices and games (they really don't play a lot of minutes) via the two Memphis Tigers products Henderson-Niles and Hall, the small guys McCall and Smith, and Birdman 2.0, I mean, Warren, and that's what you have when you have a perfectly good basketball D-League team.

Check out their performances in the game against the Skyforce:

Hasaan Whiteside: 24 points (11-12 FG), 16 rebounds, and 4 blocks.

Damien Wilkins: 23 points (10-17 FG), 7 rebounds, and 9 assists.

Patrick Christopher: 22 points (5-8 3PT) and 5 assists.

Kalin Lucas: 17 points (8-19 FG), 6 rebounds, and 7 assists.

Diante Garret:  The man of the game with 25 points (7-9 3PT), 5 rebounds, and 5 assists.

And take a sweet look at the D-League Central Division standings:

Next game on the road on Saturday, November 29 against the Grant Rapid Drive.