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Game of Rookies, losing badly against the Skyforce

The Iowa Energy lost the game after horrible second and third quarter, and the rookies –Jordan, Stokes and Russ– put the effort but didn’t shine.

Sanford Pentagon, Sioux Falls, SD. Thrusday, January 22, 2015.

The Iowa Energy (10-11) against the Skyforce Sioux Falls (12-11). The fourth game of six between both D-League Central Division teams.

Hall, Wilkins, Owens, Garrett and Lucas were the starters for the Iowa. That meant the Energy were going to miss Famous (who was averaging 17.9 rebounds per game) in the game a lot.

But hey, things started good for the Energy with Wilkins and Lucas scoring a couple basketball each. First 5 minutes of the game played and 11-4, Energy leading on the road.

Then the 3 Grizzlies rookies entered into the game, Garrett kept missing everything, and I heard the cool name of the Skyforce’s point guard: Bubu Palo. Awesome!

Nothing spectacular was happening, but 4 points for Adams, 2 for Stokes and 1 for Smith to finish the first period Energy winning 27-22.

The second began with a three by Lucas and a classical & smooth bucket by Adams (watch Adams’ Highlights if you like smooth buckets). After that I don’t know what happened because all of a sudden the Skyforce were back, taking even the first lead for them in the game (39-40) with seven minutes remaining in the second period.

Energy just played horrible in both the second and the third quarter. No energy at all. And with only 12 minutes to play, the 67-94 on the scoreboard clearly stated that the game was already over.

All our beloved rookies played the entire fourth quarter, and they managed to finish the game with a 29-10 run, featured mostly by a hungry and angry (until the last quarter he has been playing awful) Russ Smith.

But Skyforce’s victory anyway.

The star for the local team was Scotty Hopson, with 30 points, 11 rebounds and 8 assists.

And for the Energy, Lucas and Wilkins were OK scoring 18 and 14 points, respectively, and the rookies put some good effort but nothing extraordinary in their first game all together: Jordan Adams was smooth as always scoring 18 points (3 of 3 from long range) and getting 9 rebounds, Jarnell Stokes got a double-double with 12 points and 15 rebounds but he showed less than that, and Russ Smith put a good fight in the last quarter to finish the game with 16 points.

Iowa (10-12) will return home to face the Grand Rapids Drive (13-9) this Saturday.