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Nana Celebrates 95th Birthday with Memphis Grizzlies Cake

Oh man. This is just the greatest. Everybody loves cake and the Grizzlies. Even Nana.

Are you having a case of the Sunday blues? Well you aren't anymore.

In the most adorable news of the day, this incredible 'Nana' got a Memphis Grizzlies cake for her 95th birthday, proving that love for the Grizzlies never ends. Notice how candles were not stuck in the logo, thus preserving the integrity of the most important part of the cake. These are people after my own heart.

The hashtag #NanaVsErrrbody is everything.

Happy 95th Nana!! #GoGrizz #NanaVsErrrbody

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When I am 95 years old, I pray that my family will buy me a delicious Grizzlies cake and celebrate life with me. Some streamers dumped on me from the ceiling with "All I Do is Win" playing in the background would be nice as well, but I guess that would be getting picky.

Nana better have gotten the first piece, y'all.